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IEH Laboratories

IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group

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Center for Food & Pharmaceutical Process Safety

IEH was founded in 2001 by Dr. Mansour Somadpour and Dalia Alfi.  IEH operates over 100 Laboratories across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, England, Austria, Australia, China, and the Netherlands.

The company has scientists and engineers specializing in microbiology, chemistry, process engineering, environmental engineering, thermal processing (retort and aseptic systems), thermobacteriology, test equipment development, workshop instruction, company training programs, plant auditing, and specialized consulting.

IEH has over 50 approved and pending patents and more than 80 research publications.  The company manufactures and distributes test kits, pathogen detection systems, and sampling devices.  IEH partners with food companies to implement proactive approaches to manage food safety risks. 

HG Molenaar

HG Molenaar

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Over the past 40 years, HG Molenaar has established itself as a leader in in-container thermal processing technologies used in the Food and Beverage industries. Molenaar is a South African based company with
branches in Colorado, USA and Melbourne, Australia. We have a global footprint with multiple installations in Africa, Europe, USA and Australasia.

Our range of Steam, Water Spray, and Full Immersion retorts offer multi-mode functionality for the ultimate flexibility and widest range of processed products. Molenaar manufacture and integrate semi- and 
full-automation modules, to optimize the functionality of our equipment.

The Molenaar service engineers provide on-site support and use Industry 4.0 technologies to assist our customers remotely when required. Our testing facility offers the opportunity for product development and assessing the benefits of the different retort modes.

HG Molenaar is accredited by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and is a member of Campden BRI. 



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JBTC Services

Sensitive containers? The LogTec Momentum Process Management System provides superior pressure and temperature control.

Sensitive product? With expert temperature distribution and heat penetration studies, NumeriCAL modelling (General Method accuracy with Ball Method flexibility, oh yeah!), and LogTec controls, JBT can protect
package integrity, provide minimal thermal processes, and ensure batch to batch repeatability.

Wanna know what’s going on? The LogTec Host Computer stores recipes and Part 11 compliant records for you. Any time a retort experiences unusual conditions, an alarm sounds and an entry is made into the
record. We can train your personnel to read between the lines and troubleshoot issues.

Continuous rotary sterilizers, hydrostatic sterilizers (with overpressure!), high pressure, aseptic equipment, control and process validation (including particulate!)… I could go on and on, but Ian
only gave me 150 words!

Did I mention Process Authority services? And training?

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Your Process Authority in the Heart of Europe

Klaratech provides food safety and thermal processing services for the food industry around the world.

We are four highly recognized experts in aseptic processing and packaging and in-container sterilization, with more than 120 years of experience combined in the field.

With offices in Belgium, Italy and the USA ,we provide comprehensive services and complete solutions to our customers. We cover all areas of expertise, so no need to look further!

Aseptic P&P: Process establishment & evaluation. Validation services, audits & spoilage investigations.

In-container: Low acid or acidified products in any container. We validate any type of sterilizers.

Export to USA: Filings covering technical compliance & regulations. Support with FDA detention issues and import alerts.

Standards & Regulations: FSMA, FSVP, HACCP, GMP/SSOP, allergens, labels.   

Training: Online / On-site.

We speak your language: English, Español o Italiano.

Klaratech – Hit the right Key!



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Always Innovating

Make production quality UHT/HTST/aseptic product R&D samples with MicroThermics’ processors and Miniature Plant Trial Services!

Palmer Wahl Beyond the Scale

Palmer Wahl Instruments, Inc.

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Palmer Wahl Instruments, Inc. offers product selection, support, and calibration of temperature and pressure instruments for industrial applications. Our products include digital RTD & TC thermometers, custom engineered temperature sensors, infrared thermometers, temperature calibrators, bimetal, dial, industrial and laboratory thermometers, thermowells, pressure gauges, temperature recording labels, chart recorders, and handheld RTD & TC meters.

The Wahl Digi-Stem DST600 Series thermometer is designed especially for use in canning low acid canned foods and meets the requirements of FDA Final Rule for 21 CFR Part 113.

As manufacturers, we provide certified, traceable calibration data which meets ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Where required, instruments are thoroughly tested with customer requested configuration and/or calibration, traceable to NIST.

“Beyond the Scale” represents our commitment to provide expert industry application knowledge, innovative engineered designs, and support to provide superior temperature and pressure measurement solutions with an eye towards the future.

TechniCAL LLC - The Thermal Process Authority

TechniCAL, LLC

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TechniCAL is an independent Process Authority for thermally processed foods, specializing in retorted Low Acid and Acidified Foods.  We
provide services to processors around the world, and are recognized by FDA, USDA, and other regulatory agencies as a respected and competent process authority.   

TechniCAL also offers our data collection system (wired or wireless) featuring our CALSoft software.  This system is used
by over 500 users around the world for collecting heat penetration and temperature distribution data and evaluating that data to establish a thermal process.   We also offer Training courses, both online self-learning, webinars, and in-person training on various topics related to thermal processing.

TechniCAL also offers specialty regulatory consulting services to our clients, including mock FDA inspections, recall assistance, spoilage diagnosis, and other food safety related issues. TechniCAL’s main office is in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and we have representatives around the U.S., Latin
America, and South East Asia.

TMI Orion


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TMI develops and manufactures wireless high performance data loggers to measure and control a wide range of industrial applications such as food, pharmaceutical, hospitals, manufacturing, brick and tile, high heat metallurgy, automotive and aeronautical industries.

We build wired and wireless, thermocouple and RTD platinum based solutions. In
comparison tests we have the best known RF radio signal in many of these industries.

We do our best to provide a the highest quality and value data loggers in combination with extraordinary customer service.

Waldner North America

Waldner North America

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Waldner North America specializes in automated filling and sealing machinery for shelf stable cups, trays, pouches and spouted pouches. We specialize in applications for fresh and cultured dairy products, baby food, pet food & treats, prepared foods and ready meals.

DOSOMAT systems are available in both rotary and inline configurations, with capacities
ranging from lower outputs up to high performance, high output solutions. Our team brings new and creative package designs to market.

We support brand differentiation by helping make new packaging ideas and
innovations a reality.

Video: Waldner Sizzle is used for cream cheese cup filling, pre-cut lid placement, heat sealing, cup denesting, pet food cup filling, pre cut turning and inkjet coding, rollstock sealing and cutting, over capping and discharge to exit conveyer.