Standards of Conduct

As a member of the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists, I pledge myself to:

  • Endeavor to improve my professional knowledge of thermal processing through those means available to me such as conferences, workshops, academic institutions, references and experience exchanges with associates.
  • Accept my responsibility of complying with appropriate regulations to the best of my knowledge, especially in those areas of activities related to thermal processing on matters where safety of the consumer may be affected.
  • Issue no false or misleading statements to the public or the industry.
  • Utilize every opportunity to improve public understanding of the principle of thermal processing and its relation to consumer safety.
  • Maintain high standards of personal conduct.
  • Refrain from the dissemination of any malicious information concerning other members of the Institute.
  • Neither to engage in, nor countenance any exploitation of the Institute, industry or profession.
  • Abide by the By-Laws and Resolutions of the Institute as established and modified by the Board of Directors.

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