40th Annual Meeting – 2021

IFTPS 2021 Conference and AGM

We all continue to be optimistic that a vaccine for COVID-19, when combined with control measures and time, will allow us to return pre-COVID normal. But, observing global events, this is unlikely to occur until late next year. With these constraints, as well as, personal travel and meeting facility restrictions, IFTPS will not hold an in-person 2021 Technical Conference and Annual General Meeting as was scheduled for March of 2021 in San Antonio. However, planning is moving forward to hold internet-driven technical sessions and the AGM this coming March.  More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Suppliers’ Exhibit

We are also exploring a process that will allow suppliers to share their products and consulting services in an online format.

For more information please email ian.britt@iftps.org or call 1-519-824-6774.