Marvin A. Tung Achievement Award

Marvin A TungMarvin Arthur Tung passed away suddenly of a heart attack on November 5, 1999 at the age of 61. Throughout his career, Marvin’s teaching and research focused on food material science, thermal processing and food packaging. Marvin’s professional achievements were admirable, but his unique personal qualities were as least equally memorable. Those who knew him will remember his quiet presence, unique mannerisms and playful use of words.

Despite his demanding schedule, Marvin was incredibly unselfish with his time. He set aside his work and gave his undivided attention to anyone who called on him: moreover, he gave thoughtful answers to all questions and requests. Marvin believed strongly in doing things to the best of one’s ability, and was quick to praise and acknowledge those who preformed well. Dr. Tung was a charter member if IFTPS and held the positions of Chairman of the Board and President from 1987 until his untimely death. This award was approved by the IFTPS Board of Directors on November 17, 1999 to honor and remember his contributions to IFTPS and his achievements in teaching, research and consulting.

The award honors the late Dr. Tung’s passion for teaching and commitment to the Institute For Thermal Processing Specialists. It is presented, when deserving nominees are identified, in recognition of career contributions toward the achievement of the Institute’s mission to provide leadership and education to thermal processing specialists.

Specific areas considered when making the award include: contributions to leadership in teaching and extension activities that go beyond an individual’s normal work duties; sharing knowledge and mentoring individuals working in the industry; service to IFTPS; and contributions to the field of food preservation. Numbers of publications (books, papers, and students), academic tenure, or corporate rank may provide supporting evidence of achievement; but, are not the primary criteria for the award. The award may be presented to deserving individuals whose contributions to thermal processing have gone without formal recognition. The award recipient receives an engraved plaque and a $1,000 honorarium.

Assessment Criteria

  • Contributions to Industry Through Teaching and Mentoring – Provide specific examples such as: development and implementation of new teaching methods; development of continuing education and other new courses in food preservation; mentoring individuals working in the field; and, development of extension, outreach, or training programs for the food industry. For those nominees in academia, provide examples that demonstrate where the nominee has gone “above and beyond” their normal work duties and expectations in this area.
  • Participation and Commitment to the Mission and Goals of IFTPS – Provide membership history and listing of past and present involvement in IFTPS committees, Annual Meeting attendance, program participation (e.g. speaker, program chair, symposium organizer, etc.) and other contributions to the Institute.
  • Contributions to the Field of Food Preservation – Provide examples, which may include relevant publications, of contributions to the field of preservation and packaging of food. Significant contributions should be highlighted with supporting evidence of how the contribution has impacted the field of preservation and packaging of food.
  • Peer Affirmation – Provide the names of not less than two and no more than four professional peer contacts who would be willing to provide their perspective on the nominee to the evaluating group. Note: Current IFTPS Board Members or officers may not be peer affirmation contacts.

Additional Points to Consider

Other activities or personal characteristics of the nominee that are not specifically covered under the above criteria may be provided to emphasize the nominee’s dedication to food preservation, education and mentoring, and to demonstrate the nominee’s high professional and personal standards.

Submitting Nominations

Supporting documentation covering the above criteria should be submitted with a nomination letter and a completed nomination form. Please contact Ian Britt ( for more information about the award and nomination procedures.

Note: Those making the nomination should not contact the nominee.


Current Institute Board Members, Officers, and Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs are not eligible while they are serving in these positions. Nominees who do not receive the award are eligible for re-nomination five years after their initial nomination.

Selection Process

Nominations will be evaluated in confidence by the IFTPS Board of Directors and its Officers. Individual nominees will be evaluated by a Board member who will also contact the individuals identified for peer affirmation. Board members making individual nomination evaluations will then report their results to the entire Board and Institute Officers explaining the rationale for their ratings. Results will be finalized through consensus discussions by the Board and Institute Officers.

There is no specific nomination deadline. Nominations will be reviewed as received. 

Award Recipients