2015 - IFTPS 34th Annual Meeting

March 3-6, 2015

Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk

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5th European Conference


Fall of 2015 in Seville, Spain



IFTPS  is an International Organization whose Mission is to:

provide leadership and education for thermal processing specialists to enhance awareness and ensure public health safety by using the knowledge of a diverse membership through communication, networking, research and establishing best practices.


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Allpax Products, Inc.

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Automatismos Teinco,S.L.

Calwest Technologies

Center for Food and Pharmaceutical Process Safety

El Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria (CNTA)


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Ecklund-Harrison Technologies, Inc.

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Ellab A/S


GEA Levati Food Tech S.r.l

International Technology (HK) Ltd.

JBT FoodTech

Lagarde Autoclaves

Mesa Laboratories, Inc.


PhF Specialists, Inc.

Process Tek

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PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group



Stock America Inc.

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Tetra Pak

The National Food Lab

Shandong DingTaisheng Food Industry Equipment Co.,Ltd


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